Sources I used to make my site + fun things I've collected from the old web for you to download and use on your own sites!


  >Credits for site assets and code:

  >These links are super useful if you're just starting out on neocities!

Incredibly helpful site skeleton which got me started (but isn't really part of the site anymore)


Current background tile being used ------>  
(and also just a good source for cute, older style site assets)


#1 source i'd recommend for coding advice when starting out with HTML and CSS



  > while searching through old geocities sites on archive.org i tend to save ancient images and gifs that i either think are cute, or look funny/off in the way that some early 2000s digipaint anime tend to be
  > save any assets you want!


Do you like jack frost? I do!!!
Save him!!! Take him home!!!

(gifs created by me using assets from devil survivor 1)